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The Summary Law Firm 

4542 West Pine Blvd 

St. Louis, Mo 63108

(314) 485-9192

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St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney Justin Summary has conducted trials in courts from St. Louis to Kansas City and numerous courts in between.  He has represented clients wanted for questioning and has handled criminal appeals.  He has practiced Criminal Law for over a decade and represented clients facing criminal charges at the municipal, state and federal levels.  Criminal defense attorney Justin Summary is licensed in the Eastern and Western Districts of Missouri, the State of Missouri and the State of Illinois.  Attorney Summary has handled cases ranging from low level misdemeanors to high level A & B felonies.   

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Criminal Defense Attorney Justin Summary offers reasonable prices, payment plans and bond assignments.  He provides free initial consultations via phone or in person meeting. The first step when facing a serious criminal charge is finding out information about your bond, whether it can be lowered, and the types of bonding options available to you.  Quickly receiving accurate and important information about your case is vital to protecting your rights and freedom.  Pick up the phone now or click the "Contact Us" link to start being productive about protecting your rights, your reputation and your freedom.

Who is really going to handle your case?

Many big named criminal defense firms will have a senior member sign you up and then hand your case over to a junior level associate to do the work on your case.  St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney Justin Summary will not only be there during your initial meeting, but will personally handle your criminal case from start to finish.  "If I am handling your criminal case I want to know everything about your case from day one.  I want to be there when hearings are held and depositions are taken.  I want you to know that your case is important to me. Reading a transcript of what a witness said is one thing, but actually seeing someone testify, watching their demeanor and noting their non-verbals can also help me evaluate whether a jury will relate to that witness at your trial."  

-Justin K Summary  

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